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About DR Lloyd Magangeni

DR Lloyd Magangeni

Global educator, Expert in Emerging Markets and Economies, Polymath, Prolific Author, Inspirational Speaker and Apostle.
Dr Lloyd Magangeni is a registered expert in emerging markets and economies in Africa for South Korea Government. Researcher and columnist of Korean Institute for International Economic Policy. He advises Governments on economic policies and economic development. His articles and researches are listed on South Korean Government website:

Dr Magangeni is a business and human shift expert, inspirational speaker, business consultant, behavioral specialist. He has developed a series of solutions applicable across all markets, sectors and ages. Advising people from all walks of life on personal and professional development. These includes entrepreneurs, strategic planners, financiers, corporate executives, CEOs, politicians and church leaders. He hosts workshops, training and seminars for Korean entrepreneurs and African entrepreneurs.

Dr Magangeni is a prolific author who has written over 40 books including his latest books Masters of the Economy, Master of Decision Making, From Junk Status to Wealth status, best-selling book From Depression to Destiny; how to win over depression, The Uncommon Strategist and many more.
He is an apostolic voice to the nations. His teachings are changing the global perspectives in 21st century and his wisdom concerning global trends is transforming the minds and hearts of countless leaders in secular and spiritual world. He is the founder of Basileus House, an effective movement that represent the Kingdom principles and seek to build a Kingdom culture and influence globally.