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Depression is not an illness but a wakeup call to live an inspired and fulfilled life. Whatever you cannot define, you cannot confine. Whatever you cannot define, you cannot find solution for it.
Science don’t define depression rather it actually describes depression. It describes it as the releasing of biochemical in your brain unit associated with substance P for pain and cortisol for depression. It went on to suggest it causes as either death or loss, bankruptcy, negative events etc…..
In my book, From Depression to Destiny, I define real depression as when you compare your fantasy to your current reality, on how your life is supposed to in finance, relationship, marriage, social and all areas. This is the reason then why most of the people live in their future and not in their present. They focus on some day believing that they can’t change today. They miss their present at the expense of future. Every day daily we live in the present, we don’t live in tomorrow or future but every day is the present. Then it is your present today that determine what your future will be. Depressed people believe one day things will change and align with their fantasy. This truth is very important because that is when you see people commit suicide, others bury themselves in alcohol, others in drugs etc…Why? Because before they realize it, they are old.
If science could have defined depression, surely by now we should not be having depressed medical doctors, nurses, depressed psychologist, depressed psychiatrist. Every day we have anti-depressive medication dispensed from pharmacies for patients to balance the perception. What this medication do it releases biochemical dopamine and endorphins associated with pleasure and excitement to balance the pain and depression BUT it won’t be long before the depression kicks in again and the vicious cycle start again.
Fantasy world does not exist, whatever you fantasize about does not exist. Man or woman in your fantasy world doe not exist. It is just fantasy. Dissolve your fantasy and balance your life. Never compare your current reality with fantasy. Let go fantasy and embrace your current reality. Your current is connected to your world and destiny, so embrace it.

Your life is so unique that you have to go through challenges, hard knocks of life, poverty, hunger, broken heart, sleeping in the street, rejection, abuse, betrayal and all these were preparing you for your destiny and inspired life.
Every time when you feel depressed, change the question into a statement, how? Don’t ask why Am I going through what I am going through but rather say, there is a reason why I am going through what I am going through. You have change yourself from being a victim into being in charge.  

Working with organizations such as CANSA Cancer Association of South Africa and SADAG Southern African Depression and Anxiety Group to eradicate Depression. This Book From Depression to Destiny; How to win over Depression, is also available at these Organization. 

.From Depressed Relationship to Perfect Relationship
.From Depressed marriage to Perfect marriage
.From Financial Depression to Financial Independence
.From Depressed job to Fulfilled job
.From Depressed entrepreneur to Successful entrepreneur

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