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South Korea & UK - Africa Advisory

Strategic Advice

He offers strategic advice in the areas of policy, investment, business and advocacy towards sustainable development and investment in African countries, focusing on economic policy, economic growth. Entrepreneurship growth and investments between South Korea, United Kingdom and Africa


I advise policy-makers, Governments, institutions, leaders, entrepreneurs and international development cooperation stakeholders on policy development and implementation at the national and local levels.


I advise companies on the development or readjustment of their corporate strategy regarding African and United Kingdom and South Korea markets and on translating their strategy into an action agenda. I work with Africa to access capital and strategic partnerships that help fuel sustained growth.

• Investment Promotion
• Global economic changes
• Foreign exchange and capital markets
• International macroeconomic models
• Regional cooperation in finance/currency
• Reorganization of the international financial system
• Management of stability and risks in the international financial market